First Grade
Alison Zenk-Plant
Ms Zenk-Plant, Grade 1

Hi!  My students know me as "Ms. Alison".  I've been teaching first-graders here at Andersen for the last 16 years.  I love working with this great group of talented and dedicated educators and this wonderful community of families.  

There's nothing I'm more passionate about than teaching.   I believe that education is the key to accessing equality of opportunity and critical to success in this country.  I work to support my students in gaining a solid foundation on which they can build their academic futures.  Seeing the curiosity,  enthusiasm and joy of learning these bright young people bring to class is lots of fun.  Children grow and learn so much in first grade.  I feel honored to be a teacher.

I live in South MInneapolis with my husband and my cat, Merlin.  I have a daughter who lives in Los Angeles with her husband and a son who lives in China with his wife.  I like to read, garden, go camping and kayaking and spend time with family.  Lately I've taken up yoga, which I enjoy very much.     

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