Welcome to 5th Grade!

5th Grade is an exciting year, filled with exploration and independence.  Together, we can ensure that every child  has an excellent 5th Grade education. 

What can you do to help your child in 5th Grade?

  • Read together every night!
  • Encourage your child to write in a journal or blog.
  • Find real- life opportunities to practice math and science with your child.
  • Tell your child stories. Encourage a deep understanding of your family and the families around you.

Explore this website for more ideas!

C211 Homework

In C211, we have a family-centric homework model. I will give students homework, but parents have the choice to work on the assigned work, have your child work on computer-based programs, or write a note to excuse your child from homework.

Words Their Way: Word Sorts

Andersen students are using the "Words Their Way" program to teach spelling. In our class, the program has 3 main categories:  Derivational Relations (Blue Book), Syllables and Affixes (Green Book), and Within Words (Yellow Book).  Your child will be assigned a word list and sort based on their individual needs.  This page has all the word sorts.  Just pick the appropriate link and scroll down to find the sort that your child is studying for the week and simply print off the page that she/he needs.