April Meeting Notes

Andersen Site Council

21 April 2015

Meeting Minutes


Members Present: Alberto, Annie, Clanetta, Denise, Eudet, Gayle, Jamie, Kate, Katie, Lori, marija and Paula

Interpreter: Casey


·       Welcome new council members

·       Welcome student visitors

o   No students attended the meeting

o   Gayle sent invitation flyer to all 4th-8th grade teachers to invite them to join the Council

o   Timing of the meeting and transportation are logistical challenges

o   May need to look at changing the time of the meeting or having an alternate meeting to make it easier to get students present

o   Will address student membership piece more during the next meeting

o   One tactic may be to have students come with parents and have both be on the Council (target parent/student teams)

o   Another recruitment idea is to have someone from the Council present to classrooms

o   Should we invite alumni to join the Council?

·       School budget discussion led by Denise

o   Focus when determining how the budget would be spent for the 2015-16 school year was on:            

§  Streamlining processes and programs in the building

§  Ensuring that we’re serving Somali families; Need to be more nimble in how we’re serving our Somali families

§  Making sure the school is a safe place

§  Spanish interventions

o   Question from Alberto: “Is the budget enough to accomplish our goal to get all of our students to graduate”

§  Response from Denise: Don’t know if we’ll ever have enough but will help us do better

·       Report from Alberto

o   Parents are creating a plan to work as a team with the school to increase student achievement

o   Brainstorming lots of ideas on how to generate income for the school

o   Learning the system right now

·       Cleaning Blitz update

o   District is allocating additional resources to help get the building cleaned via two cleaning blitzes that will occur over the weekends

o   After lots of waiting and requests from staff and parents, things are moving very quickly

o   Alberto mentioned that the parents are declaring a deep-clean day, too

·       Build agenda map for next year

o   Budget

§  A lot of interest in having a better understanding of how the budget works

§  School budget workshop for parents?

o   Respond to input from 5th graders

·       Items for next meeting

o   Next meeting with be entirely focused on by-laws

·       After the official meeting concluded, Alberto and Denise discussed a couple of additional topics:

o   Bringing back the old school dress code (blue shirts and khaki pants)

o   Having the parent groups meet with more parents and get them engaged

o   Starting a permanent training for parents on helping their students succeed

o   Letting the classroom teachers focus on academics and eliminating all of the overload activities


Adjourned at 5:30pm