April Meeting Notes
Tuesday, April 19, 2016 5:15 PM

Andersen Site Council

19 April 2016

Meeting Minutes


Members Present:

Aisha – Parent of an Andersen student

Annie – Family liaison

Ayaan – Parent of 2 Andersen students

Denise - Principal

Eudet – Parent of 2 Andersen students

Gayle – ESL teacher

Jairo – 4th grade teacher

Julia – Parent of 3 Andersen students

Katie – Technology teacher

Lori – Middle School reading teacher

Lucia – Parent of an Andersen student

marija – Community Education Coordinator

Najah – Social Worker; Alternate for Jamie today

Paula – Reading teacher

Rosa – Parent of 3 Andersen students

Rosario – Grandmother of Andersen student

Tavion – 7th grade student

Yolanda – Parent of an Andersen student


Spanish Interpreter:

Miriam Vite-Melchor


Somali Interpreter:



Welcome and Introductions

Great turn out!


Purpose of Site Council

District says Site Council:

Provides direction for the school

Advises about the school budget

Monitor of how the school is doing

Why are you here? What do you see our job as a Site Council to be?

Discussion in small groups

Families come to Andersen because of the location; Want to have a neighborhood school that we’re proud of

Here to figure out how our kids can get the best education possible

Want more information about what we as parents can do to make sure our school is as good as possible

School safety and security – bullying

Three steps for improvement: Cleanliness, education and respect

Making sure that Site Council meetings feel relevant to everyone that is in attendance

Site Council members are informed and feel heard

Plans that are made are put into action

A venue to connect teachers and parents

Common threads:

Helping to ensure that Andersen is getting better

As a Site Council, we keep the needs of all of the students first and foremost

Site Council as a connection between community, parents and staff


Student Recognition 2016-2017

Subcommittee report:

Three ideas:

Highlight Students of the Month by putting their photos up along with a short blurb in each of the wings of the building

Monthly assembly – Only with students who are being recognized

Monthly recognition celebration; Teacher in charge each month

Need to find a way to recognize students that doesn’t take away from too much instruction time

This is motivating for students

Proposal: Could we have a public display of photos combined with a celebration with all of the other Students of the Month for that month?

Monthly recognition where each classroom recognizes 1 or 2 students by posting them around the building and then only those students being recognized attend the celebration

Parents are welcome to attend but we recognize that not all parents are able to attend

Not everyone goes to the assembly

Teachers recognize the students in the class before sending them to the assembly

Need to be clear about the guidelines and expectations for choosing Students of the Month

Motion was made for the above proposal and approved


Parent Engagement Task Force / Family Involvement Plan

Subcommittee report:

Good, productive meeting:

How to help students with respect?

How can parents support teachers with discipline?

How can parents and teachers communicate and be more connected?

What needs to be in place for family events:




Agenda translated into both Somali and Spanish

Food is a great bonus

Language exchange opportunities

Important for staff to show respect

Parents want their students to learn and can act as partners

Have a committee to help plan Family Fun and Learning Nights

Once per month? Saturday retreats twice per year?

How to structure? When to have them? How to pay for them?

How do we teach our students to solve problems in non-physical ways?

What if the discipline we have isn’t enough?

Even though we have so many rules, our students don’t always have respect for teachers and adults

Have social skills as a Family Fun and Learning Night topic?

A lot of next steps

Subcommittee will meet again on 4/21/2016 at 8:45am

As we move forward with planning Family Fun and Learning Nights, a few things to keep in mind:




Transportation – what does that really look like?

Next year will have a team of people working on family engagement

Miriam, Mr. Abass, Takara, Annie

They need to be at the 4/21/16 meeting

How do we incorporate outreach? How do we include parents that aren’t able to attend a meeting?


School Involvement Plan / High Level Ideas

What are we thinking for goals for next year?

Seeing a slight increase in proficiency in the upper grades in reading on the MCAs

For our SIP for next year, ILT is thinking:

Continued focus on building academic conversations next year

Students need opportunities to practice speaking English and make meaning of things through conversation

Have to teach students how to have these academic conversations

Started learning how to do it this year

Still have goals around math, literacy and behavior

Discussion of reading norms at home

Sunshine meetings as an example of something that is being done

Extend conversations with students and parents about their academic data and their dreams – talk deeply

How do we ensure that we are not limiting students to their test scores

How can we get homework help in After School?

More support for newcomer students?

Learn from what other schools are doing well

Most schools that look like us are performing about the same

Is the curriculum assessed?

We’re always looking for something to improve

Approval to move forward with the continued focus on building academic conversations as part of our SIP for 2016-17