December Meeting Notes

Site Council Notes



Attendees:  Lori, Denise, Paula, Jairo, Gayle, Jamie, Marija (Katie Absent)


·       Note Taker: Gayle

·       Facilitator:  Jamie

·       Other Members: Denise Wells, Paula Williamson, Lori Dupont, Jairo Moncado, Marija Nicholson

·       Absent: Katie Stobb


Agenda Items:

·       Community member position: Welcome Kate!

o   Kate

·       Parent Contact:

o   Mailing for middle school families—did Katie take care of that?

o   What about 8th grade parents or parents of students who leave Andersen?

§  It would be good to have a few members who will be leaving next year in order to make space for new parents.

§  We want to consider adding to our bi-laws the option to keep all members from 2014-2015 for the next year. In the future, we should be on an every other year basis, where half the members’ terms end every other year.

o   Multicultural representation of the parents

§  We don’t have any Native American parents

·       Wayneen White Eagle is recommended as a parent, Jamie will contact her.

·       Monica Howard- Lori will call her parents

·       Kobe’s mother-Lori will call parents

§  We have 1 Somali parent.

·       Mary Mohamed’s parent

·       Zachary Abdiraman’s father-Jamie will contact

·       Mr. Abass is reaching out to Somali parents.

§  Todd Nathan’s dad-Lori will contact.

§  Ashley Brown’s father-Lori will contact.

o   We agree that a legal guardian or parent can be a parent member, however an emergency contact cannot be a parent member.


·       Parent Election

o   Phone calls/invitations will be made by January 9th.

·       All parents will have a chance to vote. Willing parents should write 1-2 sentences saying their intention.

o   Jamie will contact parents who are interested for write up.

o   Gayle will make a poster for front entryway to go with ballot to be sent home.

o   Send invitations out the week of conferences and then have parents vote at conferences if they have not been done yet.

o   February 9th flyers/ballots for backpack sent home, email teachers to tell them about it with Robo-Call.

§  Include a destination for form when it is given to teachers.

o   Prepare flyers/ballots to give to teachers at conferences as well.

o   Anonymous voting: Set up a box by Francis’ desk

·       First group meeting will be March 2015

o   Should we move up the meeting date to earlier in March to have input form the group?

o   We will not have a special meeting with parents in February pre-budget so that Site Council has input for the budget?

o   Invite Kate P as community member


·       Proposed Future Agenda Items and Calendar for Site Council

o   Site Council to suggest ideas for needs of the school toward the budget.

o   2015-2016 September welcome back. October/November would be heavy data review. December would be ideal time to discuss recommendations. January would be the time to finalize recommendations and proposals. February/March Denise would present budget decisions to the group.

o   January 2015 Agenda to be about recommendations for next years budget from current site council.

o   **Now, let’s think about the things we prioritized this year and what do we need for next year.  Where are we short staffed admin wise?

o   March, April, May meetings establishing agreed upon purpose/bi-laws for the future. Be sure to consider the role of Parents United and how we complement each other.


·       Denise is in contact with Charlene to check on funding for child care and transportation. 

·       Katie made a link on the website for Site Council. Please post the minutes to the website monthly.

·       Did Katie send out Middle School parent letter for Site Council?


Future Items:

·       Traffic Control in community

o   Marija reported there was more discussion about traffic control and changes are coming.

·       Corporate involvement-perhaps a committee in the building to streamline relationships and involvement?

·       How can we be more established in the neighborhood-how can we be good neighbors?  A committee for this as well?

·       Student representation on site council?

·       How can we have other community members have a voice for other community members or school volunteers?