December Meeting Notes
Tuesday, December 15, 2015 5:15 PM

Andersen Site Council

15 December 2015

Meeting Minutes


Members Present:

Annie Heideman, Denise Wells, Eudet Ballina, Floritzel Reyes (7th grade), Gayle Hammer, Jairo Moncada, Kate Percuoco, Katie Stobb, Leticia Martinez, Lori DuPont, marija nicholson, Paula Williamson, Tavion Riley (7th grade) and Veronica Cruz


Members Absent:

Alberto Barraza, Fardowsa Mohamed, Jamie Edwards, Joshua Barraza (4th grade) and Melanie Andrade (4th grade)


Spanish Interpreter:

Miriam Vite-Melchor


Introductions/Team Building

·       All Site Council members shared something positive from the week

o   Students working together

o   Computer class for parents in 3 languages arranged by parent leaders

o   Parents are taking English classes and books for parents from Denise

o   Working with NBC to showcase parent involvement

o   Student Council mentoring younger students to help with classwork

o   Students building robots and enjoying the process

o   Student coaches in 4th grade

o   Parent reading group

o   After School Cheerleading class performance

o   Students are improving academically – both Andersen teachers and staff at Waite House are seeing the gains

o   Starting a Somali parent group


By Law Revisions

·       Denise sent our draft of the By Laws to the District for final approval. They sent back some suggested revisions.

·       Denise is hoping to submit our final By Laws before Winter Break

·       Discussion of changes that were suggested by the District

o   Concern that Article 3 Membership as written excludes the possibility of other non-licensed staff from joining Site Council. This does not feel inclusive.

o   Many of the changes involve using the term “Principal” instead of “Administrator”

o   Everything that was struck from the last page were items that were related to process, not policy. We will continue to have best practices (e.g. providing interpreters, childcare, transportation, etc.) but these items are process, not policy.

o   Question and discussion about why the purpose/objective portion of the By Laws was deleted

·       Fist-to-five vote on submitting the By Laws as edited as final to the District

o   Vote passes



Family Involvement Plan

·       Proposal to form a committee to address what family involvement will look like for the 2016-17 school year.

o   This committee will work with Mr. Abass and Annie.

o   Looking to engage more families that aren’t already participating.

o   How can we get feedback from families on what would engage them at school? We have some vocal families that are already engaged but we also have families that we don’t really ever hear from. We want to hear many voices and will need to use multiple strategies (e.g. focus groups) to reach our silent families.

·       Established a subcommittee that will work on developing a plan for increased family involvement for the 2016-17 school year. Subcommittee members are Annie, Eudet, Floritzel, Gayle, Katie, Leticia, Lori, Paula, Tavion and Veronica. Annie will be the point person.


Student Recognition

·       Addressing concerns that we no longer do Student of the Month

·       Feedback from Floritzel as a student who has attended Andersen for a number of years   

o   Thought Student of the Month was nice. Students got to be rewarded and get a picture with their teacher. Her perception is that students are sad that it isn’t done anymore. (Side Note: Floritzel had a photo from when she was Student of the Month in 2nd grade with her)

o   The kids who didn’t get picked were sad and tried harder

·       Feedback from Tavion about what was done at his previous schools

o   Student of the Week

o   Riddle of the Week

·       We are doing the Community Spotlight videos and Middle School is doing a selfie wall. Could these things take the place of Student of the Month?

·       Floritzel thought it was nice. Students got to be rewarded and get a picture with their teacher. Nephew was asking for it. Her perception is that students are sad that it isn’t done anymore. She has her photo from 2nd grade with her.

·       Concerns about how we used to do Student of the Month were discussed:

o   The ceremony takes a lot of time

o   There wasn’t consistency through all classrooms on how students were selected for Student of the Month

§  Could have a school-wide rubric that everyone uses. Could present this to parents at Open House and continue to reference it throughout the year

·       We don’t currently make time for celebration. Having this would have a positive impact on school climate.

·       Possibly scale Student of the Month to make it time efficient. Instead of having a whole grade together, could pair up classrooms and have them do a recognition ceremony for Student of the Month. There would still be a public presentation but in a smaller venue. We would still invite parents and take photos.

·       Suggestion to create an honors display that could be displayed in the main lobby

·       Established a student recognition subcommittee. Subcommittee members are Floritzel, Gayle, Jairo, Leticia, Melanie, Tavion and Veronica. Jairo will be the point person.


Open Floor

·       Kate will be leaving Waite House

o   Waite House will determine who they will replace Kate on Site Council


Future Agenda Items

·       Positive School-Wide Engagement Plan

·       Budget

·       Subcommittee reports