6th Grade Mathematics

Hi all!

My name is Emma Veach and I am the 6th grade math teacher at Andersen. I graduated from Michigan Technological University where I studied Mathematics and Psychology. While there I also played basketball and learned a thing or two about surviving cold and snowy weather. I love being outside, working out, eating food, and spending time with my family.

We will be working with fractions, percents, decimals, ratios, rates, geometry, and algebra. As students develop persistence and strategies to solve problems they will be able to master all of these topics.

I am so excited to watch our 6th grade scholars develop into mathematicians. With hard work and persistence I think anyone can grow into a wonderful mathematician. Every student can achieve and grow and learn, especially in math. We aren't born as mathematicians, we become mathematicians. Through working with you I think we can help your scholar develop their problem solving skills and prepare them to achieve their goals.

3 Things You Can Do to Help Your Scholar Be Successful in Math:

  1. Help your scholar find and keep a space where he/she can do homework

      2. Never say "I'm bad at math" or "I was never good at math."

      3. Ask to see your scholar's math homework everyday or as often as possible, and have him/her explain a problem to you.

Please let me know if you have questions. The best way to contact me is by email at emma.veach@mpls.k12.mn.us, but you can also call at 612-668-4200.