Family Engagement

Andersen United Community School
Family Engagement Vision

We will engage our families to support all our students’ academic growth.

Engage families as “first teachers” by providing resources and trainings that will support student success High Five - 8 with a focus on math, literacy, and social-emotional learning.

Engage families and community as partners in supporting student achievement and Andersen.

Engage families as partners in decisions affecting our school.

Engage families and community  to create a welcoming environment through activities and events to project a  where everyone can enjoy working and learning together.

PDF Orignal 2012-2013 Family Survey   --  This is the survey that we sent home to families in the fall of 2013. If you are interested in contributing your own feedback, feel free to download a copy and turn it into the main office at Andersen United Elementary.
PDF May 2013 Survey Analysis   --  Check out the responses that we got back from our parents.