February Meeting Notes

Andersen School Site Council

Meeting Notes

February 17, 2015


Members Present:

Lorena Silva, Denise Wells, Jairo Moncada, Katie Stobb, Lori Dupont, Kate Percuoco, Katie Stobb, Clanetta Jones, Marija Nicholson, Gayle Hammer, Paula Williamson, Jamie Edwards


Non-members present: none


·       Welcome/Introductions

§  Purpose of Site Council

o   Went over general work of a site council

o   District policy is in draft form and will be presented at next board meeting.  Once complete, we will bring translated documents to our site council meeting.

o   This is important work we are doing, according to the union.

§  SIP Overview

·       Denise reviewed SIP-translated document of SIP was presented to site council/

·       Sign SIP Leadership Document next meeting

·       Discussed suspension-with the new district goals

·       Other

·       Also discussed by group:

§  Currently there is a parent reading club that is to encourage kids to read

§  Want: more ideas about how to help students read

§  How to get parents more involved

§  Breakfast with reading, sunshine conferences,

§  Alberto-working to motivate parents

§  Need more books-variety books

·       ACTION ITEM: to gather a list of all of the activities that are happening now that support the goals-around parent engagement

o   ACTION ITEM: come early to review last time

§  Commitment and alternates

o   Norms-start and end on time

§  Photo and write bio-who are kids, on site council because…

o   Took photos and bios

o   Asked to see if anyone wants to participate in developing integration aide

·       Plan for Next time

o   Welcome new council members

o   Begin to discuss by laws

o   Select chair and co-chair

o   Other TBD