February Meeting Notes
Monday, February 01, 2016 5:15 PM

Andersen Site Council

16 February 2016

Meeting Minutes


Members Present: Denise Wells, Gayle Hammer, Jairo Moncada, Jamie Edwards, Katie Stobb, marija nicholson and Paula Williamson


Members Absent:

Alberto Barraza, Anders Bell, Annie Heideman, Eudet Ballina, Fardowsa Mohamed, Floritzel Reyes (7th grade), Joshua Barraza (4th grade), Leticia Martinez, Lori DuPont, Melanie Andrade (4th grade), Tavion Riley (7th grade) and Veronica Cruz


Spanish Interpreter:

Miriam Vite-Melchor


Welcome and Introductions

·       Denise noticed that no parents are in attendance

o   Did reminder phone calls go out?

·       Do we go forward with a budget discussion without parents present?

·       Do we look at altering out meeting model to make sure Site Council is more inclusive?

o   What are the cultural norms that we need to be taking into consideration?

o   The District has a model that doesn’t match well with our student population

·       Parents will show up for their individual students but it’s a bigger ask to ask them to care about the whole school

·       Difficult to authentically involve parents if they do not come to committee meetings that they are a part of

·       End goal of today’s meeting: Provide collective input for the budget. Leave with our top 5 priorities that we best feel will help us meet the goals of the SIP


Review SIP


Review role of Site Council / Role of Principal / Sources of Funds

·       Reviewed handouts

·       Our flexible funds are Compensatory and Title 1

·       All of the other sources of funding are specifically allocated and are not flexible

·       Integration – that is already spent; .6 AVID


Projections – Class Size

·       Reduction of approximately 130 students which is roughly 13%

o   Should we be advertising and recruiting for students? The charter schools do this pretty heavily

·       Scenario 1 is a reduction of 5 classrooms

·       Scenario 2 is a reduction of 4 classrooms

o   We could come up with numerous other scenarios but these are the 2 that are on the table for discussion

·       Based on our data, reducing class size isn’t shifting our data



What We Know

·       Average cost of positions has increased greatly but budget isn’t

·       The budget does reflect these losses (downsize and a cut)

·       We’re approximately $800,000 down

o   If we include the loss of the McKnight money, we’re closer to $1,000,000 down

·       Review of what licensed teachers listed as their top priorities

·       Each classroom = 0.2 of a specialist

o   We may have to cut 2 specialists. How do we decide what to cut?

§  Currently have:

·       3 PE

·       2 music

·       2 art

·       2 technology

·       2 science

o   There are requirements (e.g. have to have music once per week, gym twice per week, art once per week, etc.). How do we cut specialists while meeting these requirements and the desire for teachers to have common prep times?


Priorities Activity

·       Discussion in pairs on what we as the Site Council think the budget priorities should be


Share Out

·       Possible budget priorities / ideas to help improve Andersen:

o   Increasing family engagement

§  Events that have historically happened are no longer occurring (e.g. Turkey Bingo)

§  The parent groups that are currently happening draw specific populations; They aren’t interacting with each other that much

§  Parent leaders at each grade level – need to be coached and managed

o   Increasing student engagement

§  Student electives

§  Survey current Middle School students to get their desires for electives – present them with the options that are available at other schools and see what they would want

o   Intentionally compartmentalize our school – our school is huge; break the school into smaller parts and dealing with them as smaller schools

§  Have a DDL wing?

o   Focus on meeting students where they are at academically

§  Differentiate based on student needs instead of historical structures


Site council Top 5

·       Fun/choice for all students – enrichment, electives, structured play, recess, study hall, etc.

·       Family engagement

·       Focus on student needs


Future site council agenda items

·       What role can/should Site Council play in the hiring process?