January Meeting Notes

Site Council Notes



Attendees:  Lori, Denise, Paula, Jairo, Gayle, Jamie, Marija (Katie Absent)


Note Taker: Jamie

Facilitator:  Jamie

Present Members: Denise Wells, Paula Williamson, Lori Dupont, Jairo Moncado, Marija Nicholson, Katie Stobb, Jamie Edwards

Non-Members Present: Debora Brooks Golden


Agenda Items Discussed:

·       SIP Leadership-all members signed and went over the school goals-signature indicates agreement with SIP goals

o   NCLB based on enrollment from October 1, 2014 to now.

o   5-8-10 plan

o   Impact of newcomer, language development, DDL program

o   Parents still need to sign the SIP Team document


·       Students on council-future item

o   Ideas: if parent is on council, their student can be on council?

·      Current members will invite Parents to first meeting

o   All parents who have said that they want to be on the site council will be invited to be members.  There are 11 parent members who will be invited.  Recruitment efforts have been extensive and has resulted in a diverse set of parents.

o   Call Parents-each current member will call assigned parents by 1/30 (after we hear from DBG about childcare, transportation, interpreters)

§  ‘We would like to invite you to site council to be an official member’

§  ‘Are there any concerns you have about childcare, transportation, interpreting for the meeting?’

·       Ask Uma to be Somali interpreter if we are able to pay

·       Jamie will find people to interpret.

§  ‘We are going to take a picture’

·       First group meeting will be February 17, 2015-

o   Agenda for 2/17/15

§  Introductions

§  Purpose

§  SIP Overview

·       Sign SIP Leadership membership-

§  FIP Overview

§  Commitment and alternates

§  Title 1 compact-maybe future item

§  Photo and write bio-who are kids, on site council because…

·      Next meeting Agenda:

o   By laws development

o   Open to the public-what does that mean?-open floor at the en


Other Discussed today-no decision:

§  Denise invited all members to be a part of the site planning group.

§  Should Annie be on the site council?  Should Mr. Abass be on site council?  Can they do dual role? Intepreter?

§  Should we have students on site council?

§  Should meetings be 1.5 hours?

§  We want Annie and Mr. Abass (Family Liaisons) to be at site council meeting but they are not current members-can they come and ask questions of the chair after?

§  Families can have dinner before they leave with CPEO


Future/Tabled from past meetings


§  Traffic Control in community:  Marija reported there was more discussion about traffic control and changes are coming.

§  Corporate involvement-perhaps a committee in the building to streamline relationships and involvement?

§  How can we be more established in the neighborhood-how can we be good neighbors?  A committee for this as well

§  Student representation on site council?

§  How can we have other community members have a voice for other community members or school volunteers?


Proposed Future Agenda Items and Calendar for Site Council

o   Site Council to suggest ideas for needs of the school toward the budget.

o   2015-2016 September welcome back. October/November would be heavy data review. December would be ideal time to discuss recommendations. January would be the time to finalize recommendations and proposals. February/March Denise would present budget decisions to the group.

o   January 2015 Agenda to be about recommendations for next years budget from current site council.

o   **Now, let’s think about the things we prioritized this year and what do we need for next year.  Where are we short staffed admin wise?

o   March, April, May meetings establishing agreed upon purpose/by-laws for the future. Be sure to consider the role of Parents United and how we complement each other.




parent input into the SIP, FIP, Title 1 Compact, and school budget