January Meeting Notes
Wednesday, January 20, 2016 5:15 PM

Andersen Site Council

20 January 2016

Meeting Minutes


Members Present:

Alberto Barraza, Anders Bell, Annie Heideman, Denise Wells, Gayle Hammer, Jairo Moncada, Jamie Edwards, Joshua Barraza (4th grade), Katie Stobb, Lori DuPont, marija nicholson, Paula Williamson


Members Absent:

Eudet Ballina, Fardowsa Mohamed, Floritzel Reyes (7th grade), Leticia Martinez, Melanie Andrade (4th grade), Tavion Riley (7th grade) and Veronica Cruz


Spanish Interpreter:

Miriam Vite-Melchor



Jairo Moncada


Keeper of the Norms:

Joshua Barraza


Introductions/Team Building

·       Introductions

·       Welcome Anders from Waite House – new literacy coordinator taking the place of Kate Percuoco

·       Norms:

o   Keep comments concise; Use short and clear phrasing

o   All thoughts and comments are allowed

·       School-related New Year’s resolutions sharing

o   Complain less

o   Get school-wide flyers out sooner

o   Put into action some of the plans that have been generated in Site Council and other parent groups

o   Complete homework

o   Sharing the story of After School

o   Jar of Gratitude

o   Be present; Don’t get ahead of myself

o   Keep the focus on the students

o   Bringing the positive to whatever the situation is

o   Get more organized

o   Better recognize how physical/emotional/mental health impacts the students

·       How do these resolutions translate over into Site Council?

·       What can we do to make sure the plans we’ve been discussing in Site Council actually happen?

o   Also, how do we make sure to get the information out to parents and families?

o   Are we counting our successes? Are we meeting our duties as a Site Council?

o   Could we have a list of accomplishments that are shared with staff and families each month?

§  Perhaps 3 bullet points that are included in Denise’s News and Notes and in the family newsletter

§  Jamie will pull our monthly accomplishment list from the minutes so they can be shared


Committee Share Outs

·       Student Recognition Committee

o   Committee met on Jan. 11th

o   Came up with 4 options for student recognition:

1.      Student of the month celebration

·       All students from grade level meet in cafeteria

·       1-2 students per class chosen by teacher

·       Teacher speaks 1-2 sentences about students

·       Pictures of taken of students and families

·       Parents return to class with students or meet them prior to observe classroom routines and lessons

2.      Posted student recognition (no ceremony)

·       Picture of student and comment about why they were chosen

·       Location options:

o   Grade level wings

o   Commons

o   Front entry way

3.     Rotating classroom/advisory host Student of the Month celebration

·       Each classroom will host the SOM celebration 1-2 times per year

·       They can choose any type of performance they would like: song, dance, poetry, play, storytelling, group game, etc.

4.     Celebration with only SOM from entire school in attendance

·       Meet in a gym, cafeteria, outside or PDC

·       Celebration to include a fun game, pizza, snack, etc.

·       Parents of recipients would be invited

o   Discussion:

·       Could we combine SOM-only meeting with a posted student recognition?

·       Need to factor in staff time for planning when determining a budget for this.

·       Who will plan?

·       How will this be managed?

·       What is the timeline for implementation?

·       Next year. Any potential budget implications need to be known soon.

·       Next steps: Will survey staff. Staff need to understand what they are being asked to do with each option before they are surveyed. Could survey include a list of what teachers would be asked to do and what resources would be needed for each option?

·       There are restrictions on what money can be used for and it can get tricky to purchase certain things using District money.

·       Could parents donate?

·       The parent group has some money left in the bank. Perhaps they could use this money to help with SOM?

·       Perhaps we could form a fundraising committee?

o   There are people who want to donate to Andersen and it could be helpful to have a central committee that helps facilitate this

o   We will examine an Andersen fundraising committee

o   Gayle will email the staff to see who would be interested in working on this

o   Student recognition committee will meet again

·       Crisis that some parents that don’t feel comfortable with administration

·       We want parents to be looked upon as part of the solution, not a problem

·       Family Involvement Plan Committee

o   Met and discussed how to get more input on the Family Involvement Plan for next year

o   Developed a survey; Hoping to gather input during family/teacher conferences

o   Draft of survey will be ready by Feb. 1st so Site Council could review.

o   Perhaps the survey could be done on SurveyMonkey


Positive School Wide Engagement Plan

·       Positive phone calls to families seem to be happening

·       Student Ambassadors are happening

·       The planning for buddy classrooms in happening

·       Jamie estimates that 95% of the things on the PSWEP are in action right now

·       Have a group of students do school news or PA announcements or something along those lines

o   Katie is hoping to get something along these lines in place for next year

·       PSWEP is a living document

·       One of the Summer Institutes this year will be on PSWEP

o   If anyone is interested in joining, let Denise know


Budget Update and Input

·       At last Principals’ meeting, they were told they would have their budgets on Feb. 1st

·       What’s the best way to get input from families and staff on what the spending priorities should be?

·       Probably easier to get feedback from staff. How do we get input from families?

·       Are parents educated on how the budget works?

o   Perhaps have another informational meeting and get input


Open Floor

·       Look at doing some relationship building activity at Site Council

o   Consider including this in future meetings in a more unstructured way?

·       Discussion on family outreach

o   Seems to be a focus on Latino families and Somali families. What are our intentional strategies for engaging our native English-speaking families?

o   It feels that some of our family events are segregated

§  Responding to different needs and wants of each group

o   When planning family events, could we have some sort of planning form that is used that asks people to identify who the intended audience is and how they are intentionally engaging all families? Would this be a way to make sure that inclusivity is always part of the discussion?

§  Want to make sure that we are being equitable


Future Agenda Items

·       Student recognition committee will meet again

o   Jairo will set this up

o   Katie and Jamie will help

·       Review behavior data – Jamie will bring the data for review