Kate Reimers, Speech-Language Clinician

Kate Reimers
In Colorado


My name is Kate Reimers and I am one of the speech-language clinicians at Andersen United Community School.  This is my fourth school year at Andersen, and my fifth year working in the Minneaplis Public Schools.  During the past five years I have worked with students across different grade levels, from Hi-5 to high school.  Prior to working in the Minneapolis school district, I worked for seven years in both the Fairview and Heath East care systems as a medical speech-language pathologist.

I completed my undergraduate degree at the University of Wisconsin-Madision, and my graduate work at the the University of Minnesota. 

During my free time, I enjoy the outdoors and spending time with my friends and family, including my young son.

Feel free to reach me by phone at Andersen United Community School or by email at katherine.reimers@mpls.k12.mn.us.

*If you have a child in Hi-5 or kindergarten and are wondering what speech and language skills are expected for their age, use the link below!

Speech and Language Development-How Does My Child Hear and Talk?