Speech/Language Support For Children With Autism
Linda In Guatemala

Welcome,  I am Linda Cummings, Speech/Language Clinician  supporting Andersen’s Autism Program.  I am in my sixth year of service with Minneapolis Public Schools and prior to that have worked in Medical Rehabilitation and in Private Practice.   My expertise is in developing communication skills with children who are on the Autism Spectrum and with children who experience aggressive and/or challenging behaviors.  My goal is to be bilingual and speak Spanish fluently by 2019.


I believe that it takes families and schools working together to create success.  I am available to meet with families at their convenience in order to ensure communication goals are understood and benefit the student in all areas of the student’s life.  Success occurs more quickly when we all work together.  I can be reached at Andersen by calling 612=668=2884 x 45403.


Jim, my husband, and I are at home in Stillwater, MN.  I enjoy being active and learning.  I received a grant through Fund For Teachers and spent part of last summer in Guatemala to increase my Spanish speaking skills, learn about services provided to special needs children in Guatemala, and to experience Latino culture.