March Meeting Notes

Andersen United Community School Site Council

Meeting Agenda

March 17, 2015


Alberto, Casey, Eudet, Kate, Clanetta, Gayle, Lori, Octavia, Jairo, Katie S. Marija, Jamie, Paula, Janet-wife of Alberto


·       Welcome new council members

·       Elect Officers: Co-chairs, Secretary, others?

o   Co chair vs. chair and vice chair-we like co-chair, sustainable to have co-chairs,

o   Nominees: Octavia, Jamie, Jairo nominated-declined. 

o   Secretary: Marija, Alberto

o   Important that everyone participates weekly

·       Student members:

o   2 from 4th-8th grade

o   Self nominated: Maryem Mohamed

o   Teachers nominate students based on: interested, good students, leadership

o   Nominations, applications-with requirements-passing classes, respectful citizen-teacher sign off. Could require a recommendation

o   Site council will collect applications and choose candidates-activity to do in classrooms-with advisory

o   We want them to represent the school population culturally and otherwise

o   Important that we are strategic and get what we need for

o   Bring a draft in April-Special meeting

o   Should we have rotating presence? Should we have April be an open meeting for students-and then application in the Fall? Open floor in last 10 minutes of the meeting

o   Decision: April is an open meeting where students can observe the site council.  Students can ask questions or make comments for the last 10 minutes.  GAYLE will put together an announcement and get it to site council by 2 weeks.  Then it will be sent to staff within 3 days.

·       Family Liaison?

o   DECISION: the group decided that Andersen Family Liaison will always be a member on site council.

·       Replace Parent who has left

o   We are missing a native parent on site council

o   Paula W will be meeting with Mari

·       Task: get list of family involvement things we do that support SIP, who will compile photos and bios?

·       Contact info-notification of meetings?

·       Challenges: translation of documents

·       By laws-is this a task force?

o   Octavia, Jairo, Jamie-by-laws

Adjourned at 5:30pm