March Meeting Notes
Tuesday, March 15, 2016 5:15 PM

Andersen Site Council

15 March 2016

Meeting Minutes


Members Present:

Anders Bell, Annie Heideman, Denise Wells, Eudet Ballina, Fardowsa Mohamed, Gayle Hammer, Jairo Moncada, Jamie Edwards, Katie Stobb, Lori DuPont, marija nicholson, Paula Williamson and Tavion Riley (7th grade)


Spanish Interpreter:




Brianna McPhee


Welcome and Introductions

·       Sharing of our individual goals for this meeting

·       Only two parents present

o   What can we do to increase the number of parents regularly attending and participating in Site Council?


Increasing Parent/Teacher Involvement

·       What are the barriers?

o   Life is busy (work, school)

o   Do parents know what Site Council is and what the responsibilities are?

o   The time of the meeting – Change the time and/or day of the meeting?

o   Childcare

o   Transportation

o   Parents aren’t interested

§  Some parents care about their individual students but not about the school as a whole

o   Language

o   Citizenship status

o   Prior frustration with school institution

o   Did we lose parents due to all of the previous discussion on by-laws?

o   Is our current format welcoming? Dense content that might not feel relevant

o   Do we look at inviting different parents?

o   Are we asking the right questions?

o   What does authentic engagement look like?

o   What is the purpose of having parents on Site Council?

§  Lacking a shared, clear vision

·       Possible solutions?

o   Each staff member has a parent partner – staff member would be responsible for building a relationship with them and calling to remind them to attend

o   Personal plea to people who aren’t attending

o   Get everyone together for a meal

§  Get to know each other

§  Have someone present to parents on what Site Council can be

o   Outreach in writing and sent via U.S. mail

§  Looks more important

§  Doesn’t get lost in the backpack

o   Teachers promote with parents

o   Offer dinner or “refreshments”

o   Have a clearly identified purpose

§  Focus isn’t on political by-laws

o   If parent can’t attend in person, are there other ways to get their input?

§  Skype? Other technology? Email all of the parents at the beginning of next year to recruit more parents?

§  Staff partner connects with parent before meeting to discuss agenda and then brings their input to the meeting

o   Post meetings times on school’s Facebook page?

o   More than one meeting? Look at scheduling on different days and/or times

·       Summary

o   Determine the purpose

o   Provide food

o   Staff/parent buddy system

§  Annie will make a list of parents who have expressed an interest in Site Council. Staff will then sign themselves up for a buddy via Google Docs.

·       Remaining 2 meetings for this year are open and we are recruiting permanent members for next year

·       Next meeting will have a clearly defined purpose and “light refreshments”

·       Check in on sub-committee status for family engagement

·       Use a different room next meeting

o   Family Resource Center?

o   Art Room?

·       Not all parents have email or know how to use it so email can’ t be the only avenue of communication we use

o   Help parents establish email accounts?

·       Discussion on if parents are feeling welcomed and valued at school

·       Major agenda item for next month: Determining purpose for Site Council

·       Parent concerns about school are valid but is Site Council the place for that discussion?


Sub Committee Status

·       Family Involvement – Hasn’t really met

o   Denise charges Family Involvement to meet before next meeting

·       Sub committees will gather between now and next meeting


Open Floor

·       Lively discussion


To Do

·       Denise: Arrange for refreshments for the next meeting

·       Annie: Call the Family Involvement subcommittee together

·       Jairo: Call the Student Recognition subcommittee together

·       Annie: Put together the list of parents who have expressed an interest in Site Council and share with staff so staff can all sign up for a buddy5