May Meeting Notes
Tuesday, May 17, 2016 5:20 PM

Andersen Site Council

17 May 2016

Meeting Minutes


Members Present:

Annie – Family liaison

Denise - Principal

Eudet – Parent of 2 Andersen students

Gayle – ESL teacher

Jairo – 4th grade teacher

Jamie – Social worker

Julia – Parent of 3 Andersen students

Katie – Technology teacher

Lori – Middle School reading teacher

marija – Community Education Coordinator

Nancy – Parent of an Andersen student

Paula – Reading teacher

Rosa – Parent of 3 Andersen students

Rosario – Grandmother of Andersen student

Tavion – 7th grade student


Spanish Interpreter:

Miriam Vite-Melchor


Welcome and Introductions

·       Welcome and thank you for coming


Review Purpose of Site Council

·       District says Site Council:

o   Provides direction for the school

o   Advises about the school budget

o   Monitor of how the school is doing

o   Common threads:

§  Helping to ensure that Andersen is getting better

§  As a Site Council, we keep the needs of all of the students first and foremost

§  Site Council as a connection between community, parents and staff


Parent Engagement Task Force / Family Involvement Plan

·       Subcommittee met 3 times

·       Discussed events we’ve had in the past and what parents want in the future

·       5 types of family involvement events

1.      Talk to the Andersen Experts

·       During duty day, once per month:

                                                              i.     Coffee with the Principals (3 times over the year)

                                                             ii.     Behavior

                                                            iii.     ESL

                                                           iv.     Social work

                                                            v.     Specialists

                                                           vi.     Math

                                                          vii.     Reading

2.      Meet with District Staff

·       Transportation

·       Nutrition services

·       Office of Family, Student and Community Engagement

3.     Family Fun and Learning Nights

·       Math Night

·       Reading Night

·       Behavior Night

·       Flu Shot Clinic and Clothing Sale (October) – add a health fair to it?

4.     Family Involvement Days

·       Keep these but find a way to make them more uniform

·       Latino Heritage

·       East African

·       African American

·       Native American

5.     Middle School Family Involvement

·       Middle School Family Night

·       Middle School Coffee with the Principal

·       High School Registration Night

·       5th Grade Orientation to Middle School


Other miscellaneous events:

·       Open houses

·       Carnival (May)

·       Somali American Parent Association Workshops

·       What about the CLUES workshops? We can afford to do Family Fun and Learning Nights and the CLUES workshops.

·       Additional opportunities:

o   Fostering Positive Racial and Cultural Identities through MPS Parent Academy (4 weeks)

o   Project Empowerment (Site Council Training) through OFSCE (4 weeks)


Other ideas:

·       Combine talk to your teacher nights with concerts?

·       Partner with The Family Partnership on a group for parents of students older than 10 years old on sexual health



·       Very ambitious plan

·       Thanks to everyone who put in the work to create this outline of a plan

·       Who is going to actually run this?

·       There won’t be enough money to run all of these events if they all involve childcare, transportation and food

·       Should the cultural heritage events be part of the school day or in the evenings?

·       What happened to Family Day and Turkey Bingo?



We recommend this plan to the Family Involvement committee and they take it from there with quarterly advisement from the Site Council subcommittee.


Site Council Agendas 2016-2017

·       Required Topics:


o   Family Involvement Plan

o   School Improvement Plan

o   Budget

o   Data Reviews (academic and behavior)

·       Other possible topics:

o   Actions that need to be taken on specific issues (e.g. the current building cleanliness issue)

§  In the moment/urgent topics

o   How do we function as a whole?

o   We do we ensure we’re not limiting our students to their test scores?

§  Recognize things beyond test scores

§  Improve our self-image to include things beyond the MCAs

o   Homework help in After School

o   More parent involvement in the classrooms, lunchrooms and recess

o   Fundraising

o   Transportation

o   Food quality

o   Recognition (Teachers, families, Engineers, Admin, AEs, everyone!)

o   Community relations

§  Who do we partner with? Who would we like to partner with?

o   Gifted/Talented (Advanced Learners)

o   Extracurricular activities

o   State of the School (October?)

§  Open to everyone but required for Site Council

§  Present and review PSWEP, FIP, SIP, etc.

·       Other comments:

o   How to make the titles of the topics relatable and “real”

o   Can Site Council write a letter of support to School Board asking for a clean building in which our students can learn?


What is Jairo’s idea?


·       September

·       October

·       November

o   Budget

·       December

·       January

·       February

·       March

·       April

·       May


Open Floor

Paula wants a letter written to School Board

Demand enough staff to keep this building clean and appropriate training

Letter will be drafted and left at Francis’ desk and Site Council members can opt to sign it or not


Complex issues

When we apply pressure, they respond

But, how do we sustain that?


Is this something that Site Council can do or is it more the function of a PTA?



Vote on Site Council writing a letter to School Board



Do we have an emergency meeting?

Or, do we keep this as an action for the fall? There is a lot of action right now but what happens when the current action dies down? Is this a way to sustain it?


Denise will call a special meeting


Check Out / Decisions Made

Push family involvement thing forward