November Meeting Notes

Site Council 11/18/14


Attendees:  Lori Dupont, Katie Stobb,, Jairo Moncada, Jamie Edwards, Denise Wells, Gayle Hammer, Paula Williamson, Marija Nicholson


Agenda Items:

·       Roles: note taker?   Rotate  

·       Facilitator:  Jamie will continue until full council in session

·       Bring Agenda: Jamie will continue until Bylaws are developed


·       Go over notes from last meeting (see 10/28 updated notes for more details)


o   Mailing  for middle school families./ Katie is going to take care of that.

o   Have a table for Turkey Bingo- Paula agrees to woman the table

o   Jamie will get a poster made for Thursday evening. And copies of the flyer.

o   Need a Somali speaker- Shamso?

o   Gayle will email Hamdi to see if she is available

o   Denise will see if Mr. Abass  can come  Thursday night.

o   Paula will ask Beatriz and Eric to put the flyer for Site Council  on Twitter  and Face book.

o   Denise needs to check on funding for child care and transportation. 

o   Katie will make a link on the website for Site Council


·       Informational meetings at 3 different times.   Schedule meetings  for the week after Thanksgiving.   Jairo and  Paula will help Jamie .  Jamie will make the power-point for the meetings.  We should make use of the times when parents are already in the building.  We should check with Annie or Irene. Perhaps Annie could do little advertisement


·       What to do with list of recommended parents


o   Jamie will create a google.doc spreadsheet to make the list of the parent recommendations. Then we will make a phone call inviting parents, asking if they want to be on the ballot, come to  a meeting. To learn more about if they are not interested  in serving on site council.


·       Community member position:

o   We will ask someone from the service community.  Agreement to reach out to Kate PErcouco to see if she would like to be the community member on site council.


·       Alternates:

o   Paula-Soraya

o   Gayle-Susan Bergh

o   Jairo-Amanda L

o   Marija-Emily Christie

o   Lori-TBN

o   Katie-TBN

o   Denise-Beatriz

o   Jamie-Julie Sailors


·       Site Council notes shared via  news and notes-yes

·       Put notes on website-yes, Katie will create a page for site council and upload notes monthly.

Future Items:

·       Traffic Control in community

·       Corporate involvement-perhaps a committee in the building to streamline relationships and involvement?

·       How can we be more established in the neighborhood-how can we be good neighbors?  A committee for this as well?

·       Student representation on site council?