November Meeting Notes
Monday, December 07, 2015 6:55 AM

Andersen Site Council

17 November 2015

Meeting Minutes


Members Present:

Alberto Barraza, Annie Heideman, Denise Wells, Eudet Ballina, Floritzel Reyes (7th grade), Jairo Moncada, Jamie Edwards, Kate Percuoco, Katie Stobb, Lori DuPont, marija nicholson, Melanie Andrade (4th grade), Paula Williamson, Susie Bergh (Alternate for Gayle Hammer), Tavion Riley (7th grade) and Veronica Cruz


Members Absent:

Fardowsa Mohamed, Gayle Hammer, Joshua Barraza (4th grade) and Leticia Martinez


Observers Present:

Paul Marietta



Miriam Vite-Melchor


Welcome and Introductions


Assignment of Roles

·      Set up space: Alberto and Jairo

·      Timekeeper: Jairo

·      Collect Public Agenda Items: Paula


Site Council Norms Discussion

We agree to:

·      Take turns when we talk

·      Assume the best intention of the team members

·      Be open to disagreement in a respectful way

·      Questioning and wondering is allowed

·      Monitor your own talking time

·      Use feeling words like: “I heard you say” or “I feel because”

·      Make our communication concise


Committee Sharing


Vision Committee Report

·      Meeting with 4 teachers and 2 parents

·      Lengthy meeting

·      Parents state that they do not feel welcome and that they aren’t allowed to express themselves and aren’t listened to when they do

·      Parents state that they believe school is divided into 3 parts (High 5 – 2nd grade; 3rd-5th grade; Middle School)

·      Parents of Middle School students would like their students to be treated like every other student

·      Currently, some parents feel that Middle School students are thought of as “little monsters”

·      Why aren’t we just one school?

·      Desire for complete unity in the school

·      What is the next step?

o   Need to get students working together

o   All-school assembly?

§  The last time we had an all-school assembly was several years ago; It was very crowded since we don’t have a space big enough to have all of the students together at once

·      Denise asked students present at the meeting to report on if they feel like the school is separated instead of unified and, if so, what can be done to address this issue

o   Tavion reported that Student Council will be starting a mentoring program; Since this is his first year at Andersen, he said it’s still hard for him to tell if the school is divided

o   Floritzel reported that, as a student who has been here since Kindergarten, she only once had a connection with older students. When she was in 2nd grade, they had older students mentor them. Also, when she was in 4th grade, she acted as a mentor to 1st grade students.


By Laws Committee Report

·      Beautiful meeting

·      The by laws are a living document; We can continue to modify them if we find that there are parts that don’t work for us


Parent Concerns Flow Chart Committee Report

·      Reviewed draft of the flow chart that this committee created


Family Involvement Plan presented by Annie

·      This is a living document; Changes can be made at any time

·      Met with parents to get feedback on the Family Involvement Plan

·      Parents want more opportunities to meet with teachers – something more than just conferences

·      Had a “Meet the ESL Teacher” event earlier this year; Received good feedback on it

·      Will be hosting parent workshops in the future

·      Mr. Moncada has a monthly parent meeting for the parents of his students

o   How can we duplicate this across the school?

o   He does this on his own time; Recognizes that this isn’t something that all teachers would be able to do

o   The focus on these monthly meetings is to teach parents to work with their students to help them achieve


Presentation and Vote on By Laws

·      The By Laws are accepted


Positive School Wide Engagement Plan Discussion

·      Could we have something within the PSWEP about connecting students across the grades? Would this help reduce division between the grades?

o   Pre-K – 8 buddy classrooms is on the PSWEP

o   PSWEP Committee is meeting next week; Jamie will push for some action on this

·      How can After School be included in this?

·      Where are the Student Ambassadors?

o   Tavion is one of the Ambassadors this year; They’ve had a couple of meetings and will be up and running soon

·      PALS tutorning program through Get Ready – How could this be incorporated into the PSWEP?


Open Floor Discussion

·      Paul Marietta thanked us for allowing him to be part of our meeting

·      Other Issues

o   How do we address unresolved items?

§  For example, what about the cafeteria issue (reports of not enough time to eat and bullying) that was brought up at our last meeting?

·      Denise will be meeting with parents to get input on what parents and students are experiencing in the cafeteria

§  Will add an “Old Business” or “Follow Ups” section on the agenda moving forward

o   Fundraising for library funding?

o   Parent learning library and parent book club

§  How can we engage parents who can’t read?

o   Okay to bring complaints to the Site Council meetings; Need to bring solutions, too.