October Meeting Notes

Andersen United Community School

Site Council Meeting Notes

October 28, 2014




·       Paula Williamson, Marija Nicholson, Jairo Moncada, Gayle Hammer, Lori DuPont, Jamie Edwards, Denise Wells, Katie Stobb



·       Meeting Time and date

o   Move to 4:30 for next time

·       Process for parent/family positions on site council

o   Half of group must be parents

o   Parents: there is a Latino parent group, there are Somali parents attending events (coffee with principal, FFLN, etc).

o   How are we including African American families-how do we intentionally invite them?

o   Latino, Somali, African American, Native American, Nepali

o   Attention to Male and Female diversity

o   Mailing to all parent? 3 meetings at different times for ‘informational meeting’-

§  KATIE mail to all middle school parents, JAMIE flyers for K-5 with report cards

§  JAMIE plan and schedule informational meeting

§  JAMIE write brief powerpoint for informational meetings, and schedule and publicize meeting

o   Outreach to Somali community: elders? Leaders-Mr. Abass to help with this-DENISE to talk to Mr. Abass about this

o   WHAT ABOUT: transportation? Childcare? Interpretation (see ‘other to do)

o   Site council members will talk to each grade level team about parent site council recommendations

§  Paula: 1st and 2nd

§  Lori 6, 7,

§  Jairo: 4, 5

§  Gayle, K, 3, ESL

§  Katie: specialist, 8

§  Jamie: family involvement, sped

§  Marija: AEs

§  Denise: admin

·       Discuss process for community position(s) on site council

o   Ideas: Hospital, Children’s, DIW, Waite House, fire department, Midtown, Urban Ventures

·       Alternates

o   Each current member will select an alternate and bring name for next time.  Someone needs to be there for your seat each meeting.

·       Membership

o   Discussed unlicensed representation-we will not add more staff to this group-we need to be sure to have family representation

o   Do we need a student on site council? –not required.  Tabled until parents are added.  The group will be very large!

·       We cannot do much more (bylaws, chair and co-chair election, etc.) until we have the whole council elected.

·       Meeting Space

o   conference room in resource center


Other To Do:

o   facebook, twitter-PAULA to talk to Beatriz and Eric about this?

·       DENISE: to talk to charlene about funding

o   Could south high students to child care?-MARIJA to look into this

o   Interpretation?

o   Should we get a grant? Where? Allina? Children’s –Gayle, Lori

§  MARIJA to check with grant manager –need $5000

o   Projected budget: 32 hours of interpreting-Somali, Spanish-32 hours of child care-Transportation: 8 meetings-9 parent $20 each=180 per meeting-$1500=$5000 TOTAL for SY 2015

·       Members agree to look at meeting notes within 48 hours and provide feedback.  Notes will be public beyond 48 hours.


Future Items:

·       Traffic Control in community

·       Corporate involvement

·       How can we be more established in the neighborhood

·       Student representation on site council?



**Highlighted indicates action item.