October Meeting Notes
Monday, November 23, 2015 6:55 AM

Andersen Site Council Notes

20 October 2015

Meeting Minutes


Members Present:

Alberto Barraza, Annie Heideman, Denise Wells, Eudet Ballina, Fardowsa Mohamed, Gayle Hammer, Jairo Moncada, Jamie Edwards, Joshua Barraza (4th grade), Kate Percuoco, Katie Stobb, Leticia Martinez, Lori DuPont, marija nicholson, Melanie Andrade (4th grade), Melody Johnson, Paula Williamson, Veronica Cruz


Observers Present:

David Zelaya


Interpreter: Miryam Melchor


·       Membership

o   Everyone present at today’s meeting, with the exception of David Zelaya, is a member

o   We have room for 3 more parents and 2 more students

§  Discussion of who this should be

§  Denise encourages us to keep school culture in mind to ensure that the Site Council membership accurately reflects the student body

·       Co-Chair Election

o   Need to have 2 co-chairs

o   1 has to be Denise

o   Nominations:

§  Melody nominated Eudet

§  Paula nominated Alberto

§  Eudet nominated Alberto

§  Alberto nominated Melody

§  All three nominated parents (Alberto, Eudet and Melody) accept the nomination

o   Voting by anonymous ballot

§  David tabulates the results

o   Alberto wons the election and will be co-chair alongside Denise

o   Melody will replace Alberto as co-secretary


·       Discussion of Cafeteria Issue

o   Concern from parents and students that students are pressured to hurry while eating

o   Students feel intimidated

o   How can we work to find a solution?

o   Would it be possible for the students to have cards that you swipe instead of having to type in their numbers? This could help the line move more quickly, especially for younger students.

o   What can parents do if they feel that staff are bullying students?

o   Denise will meet with Alberto to address this issue

o   Discussion about personnel can’t be done in a public setting


·       Site Council Visioning Discussion

o   Need to clarify which issues are relevant to bring to Site Council and where other issues should be brought to be addressed

o   Once we figure out where different issues will be addressed, suggestion that there should be an orientation for parents and staff

o   The question was asked if parents really feel heard at Andersen

o   Denise is open to expanding Coffee with the Principal; Wants to make sure parents have a place to be heard

§  Is used to be that one grade level was invited to attend each month

§  This year, everyone is invited to attend 3 times per year


·       Bylaws Discussion

o   Goal for today is to have an approved draft of the bylaws to present to the Associate Superintendent

o   Started the process of going through the bylaws article by article

§  Amended Article 3 to read that we will have up to 25 members, including 9 staff, 1 community member and at least 9 parents and 4 students

o   Ran out of time to make it all the way through the draft of the bylaws


·       Subcommittee Work

o   Motion by Gayle and second by Paula that we will assemble into 3 subcommittees that will meet in the next 2 weeks to advance the work of the Site Council. The subcommittees and subcommittee members are:

§  Bylaws Subcommittee

·       Alberto

·       Denise

·       Gayle

·       Jamie

·       Lori

·       marija

§  Visioning for Site Council Subcommittee

·       Alberto

·       Eudet

·       Jairo

·       Kate

·       Katie

·       Leticia

·       Melanie (4th grade)

·       Melody

·       Veronica

§  Problem Solving Flow Chart Subcommittee

·       Annie

·       Denise

·       Gayle

·       Paula

·       Questions and Comments from Student Members

o   If they are recruiting friends to join Site Council, can it be anyone?

o   To make Andersen better, it would be nice to have more lunch variety and for the building to be bigger so it can have more students and students and windows


Duties for Next Time:

o   Meet in your subcommittee(s) and be prepared to report back


Questions/Topics to be Addressed at Future Meetings:

o   How do we make sure students are heard and treated as equal members at Site Council meetings?