School Improvement Plan 2016-2017

Andersen School Improvement Plan (SIP) 2016-2017


1. It is a tool that is used to guide school staff in their continuous school improvement efforts for the year.

2. It fulfills district, state and federal requirements, including requirements for Schoolwide Title I, Targeted Assistance plan requirements.



Reading - Students in k-3 will make 3 levels of STEP growth as measured by the STEP assessment. Students in 4th -8th grades will make high growth as measured by the MCA assessment.

Math - 80 percent of student pre-k through 8th grade will meet or exceed their growth target as measured by MCA and COM assessments.

Engagement - Student engagement will increase as student referrals out of class decrease by 25% during mid-November through December and March as measured by the number of referrals received by the student support team.




  • Data cycles

  • Continue with implementation of academic conversation professional learning

  • Engaging in critical conversations around race


  • Fidelity of academic conversations implementation. Teachers will: explicitly teach the social behaviors necessary to engage students in math talk

  • Fidelity of guided math structured implementation at 100% with inclusion, scaffolding, intervention and differentiation


  • Student and staff community building during those months

  • Re-teaching rituals and routines

  • Increase positive parent outreach