September Meeting Notes
Monday, October 19, 2015 6:35 AM

Andersen Site Council Notes

15 September 2015

Meeting Minutes


Members Present:

Alberto Barraza, Annie Heideman, Denise Wells, Eudet Ballina, Gayle Hammer, Jairo Moncada, Jamie Edwards, Katie Stobb, Lori DuPont, marija nicholson, Paula Williamson


Interpreter: Irma Enriquez


·      Introductions

o   Alberto – Parent

o   Annie – Family Liaison

o   Denise – Principal

o   Eudet – Parent

o   Gayle – 2nd grade ESL teacher

o   Jairo – 4th grade teacher

o   Jamie – Social Worker

o   Katie – Middle School technology teacher

o   Lori – Middle School reading teacher

o   Marija – Community Education

o   Paula – DDL support for 2nd/3rd grade


·      Get to Know Andersen

o   Jamie presented student demographic data about our current enrollment as a reminder of who we’re serving as a site council

o   Classroom for Success shows that we are currently at 1264 enrolled

o   Low in K-2nd – classrooms of 15

o   4th and 5th grade are very full – classrooms of 28

o   90% of students qualify for Free and Reduced Lunch

§  This number will probably increase as we get more accurate information as the year progresses

o   64% English Language Learners

o   16% HHM – This is our average over the last 3 years. We are currently around 10%

o   Approximately 15% of our students receive Special Education services – this includes students in Autism, CLASS and SPAN

o   Our enrollment is lower than it usually has been at this point in the year. We’re not really sure why. There are lots of theories but no one really knows what’s going on with our enrollment this year.

§  Possible next steps:

·      Obtain additional information about where families in our current bus zone send their children

·      Petition the District to change our bus zone

·      Figure out if there are specific reasons that families aren’t choosing Andersen and work on addressing these possible areas for growth

·      Work to improve the community perception of Andersen

o   Focus on customer service

o   Find solutions to our problems

o   Building cleanliness

§  Things we can’t control:

·      Charter schools and if they choose to market and recruit aggressively

·      Where parents choose to send their children

§  Should we establish a committee to look at marketing and Andersen’s perception in the community?


·      SIP Overview

o   Denise presented the SIP for Families

o   Goals:

§  Reading and Math: Increase the percent of students who are meeting or exceeding standards on the MCA in Reading and Math will increase by 8% each year

§  School Climate: Number of students who are suspended will decrease by 8% each year and the number of African American students who are suspended will decrease by 8% each year

o   Strategies for School Improvement:

§  Implement Positive School Wide Engagement Plan

§  Action cycles to improve instruction based on student needs

·      Teachers have 2 days per week of professional development to continuously improve their teaching

§  Professional learning for staff on academic conversations

o   Family Involvement Plan is part of the SIP – We will discuss this next month

o   Jamie will send out PSWEP, one-page SIP and one-page FIP for us to review if we are uncomfortable signing off on the SIP today. We will need to review this information in the next couple of days and sign off on the form that will be left with Mary in the Main Office by Friday, Sept. 18th.


·      Site Council By Laws

o   This is homework

o   The By Laws have not changed since the spring

o   We will vote on this next time. Any suggested changes need to be submitted by the Thursday before the next meeting.


·      Membership and Recruitment

o   Add Kate Percuoco to list: (check to see if this is the correct address)

o   Katie will check into any students who might be interested in joining Site Council. We are looking to have up to 4 students who are in 4th-8th grade.

o   We are looking to add 7 more parents and we brainstormed a list of parents to invite

§  Jamie will do an all staff email to ask teachers to help identify possible parents. This email will also mention that we are looking for 4th-8th grade students, too.

§  Lots of parents are invited to the next meeting. If they come and they commit, then they need to keep coming. From Nov. on, anyone we invite will be as an observer, not as a voting member.


Duties for Next Time:

§  Review the By Laws and be prepared to vote next meeting. Email any proposed changes to Jamie by the Thursday before the next meeting.

§  Ensure that you have an alternate in place who can attend in case you cannot

§  Individual Site Council members will do outreach to specific parents to invite them


Questions/Topics to be Addressed at Future Meetings:

§  What happened to Family Fun and Learning Nights?

§  Do we still have Student of the Month?

§  It feels like there are lots of programs that have ended. Last year, we didn’t have any large events that drew hundreds of parents.

§  Is it possible to get the agenda and supporting documents sent out in advance of the meeting? – Yes. They will be emailed out on the Thursday before the Tuesday meeting.