Somali Language



Constitutionally, Somali and Arabic are the two official languages of Somalia.[10]Somali has been an official national language since January 1973, when theSupreme Revolutionary Council (SRC) declared it the Somali Democratic Republic's primary language of administration and education. Somali was thereafter established as the main language of academic instruction in forms 1 through 4, following preparatory work by the government-appointed Somali Language Committee. It later expanded to include all 12 forms in 1979


The Somali Latin alphabet is the most widely used, and has been the official writing script in Somalia since 1972. The script was developed by the Somali linguist Shire Jama Ahmed specifically for the Somali language, and uses all letters of the English Latin alphabet except p, v and z.


The Somali language is regulated by the Regional Somali Language Academy, an intergovernmental institution established in June 2013 by the governments of Djibouti, Somalia and Ethiopia. It is officially mandated with preserving the Somali language.[7]


The Osmanya writing script for Somali.