Mr. Kruzeski (Mr. K): 8th Grade Science

About Me

Hello, My name is Mr. Kruzeski (or Mr. K for short) and I teach 8th grade Earth and Space science. I have been working at Andersen since the 2018-2019 school year. Originally I went to school to be an elementary school teacher, but changed my mind when I got to experience how amazing middle schoolers are. They are forming their own ideas and beliefs and seeing that inspired me to be a teacher that allows students to think freely.

I LOVE science beacuse not only does it include all core subjects into one (math, reading, and social studies), but it gives people a chance to work as a team and question the world around them without getting shut down.

For fun I love to walk my French Bulldog, workout, play basketball and video games, and I love to cook. I'm not saying I'm good, I just enjoy the experimentation of trying new things and testing out different combinations.


"The important thing is to never stop questioning" -Albert Einstein

Below is my syllabus for the year as well as a video describing science literacy and how important science is to our world. Enjoy!