How may I help?/¿Cómo puedo ayudar?

Academics/Student Enrichment: Want to work with students?

Classroom support helps out teachers in the classroom depending on teacher’s need.
Early Literacy Tutors work with students in grades pre-k through 3.
One to one tutoring/mentoring allows you to work with students on an individual basis to help their needs in various subjects.
Middle School math and science tutors help our older students in specific subjects.
English Language Learners (ELL) support works with students in English who are learning it as a second language.  Special Education Assistance gives you the opportunity work exclusively with our special needs students.
Native Language tutors (Spanish) work in our bilingual classes for support in Spanish.
Communications: Want to work with families or in the office?

Media Center support - Help us with organization and upkeep in our school library.
Office support: Help staff in light office work, including copies and the mailroom.
Phoenix Bulletin Newsletter: Volunteer needed to help with the publication of each monthly edition.
New-Families Welcoming Team: Coordinate information on incoming new students throughout the year to contact and welcome the new families into their classroom and the Andersen School Community.
Parent Captains: Parent Grade Captains will communicate with families for grade-specific events.
Event Photographer: Help us document our special events at Andersen.
Event Support: Are there specific days that you’d like to come help out?

Latin American, Native American and African American Family Involvement Days are separate days during the year when we invite families to wear traditional dress, dance, and learn together. Students prepare presentations on important cultural events and leaders to share their heritage with one another.
Family Fun and Learning Nights are monthly nights for families, learning, and fun. Help set up for events and great families as they come in.
Math and Literacy Workshops: Help us set up events like the Andersen Story Hour.
School Carnival: Volunteers are needed on Carnival night to help with games, activities, food and clean up.
K-5 Olympic Day: Come greet and direct parents, and cheer on our students as they compete.
Middle School Olympic Day: Help run games on one of our most fun days of the year.
Middle School History Day Judge Volunteer: Be on the panel to judge student projects and celebrate academic achievement.
Academic Honor Team and Attendance Recognition: Help run assemblies to celebrate student achievement like Student of the Month, and perfect attendance recognition.
Parents United for Student Success is our parent site council (PTO) and is divided into two branches:

1.       Finance Committee deals exclusively with finances and building wide fundraisers. Parents are the driving force behind many of our fundraising events.

2.       Parents United Leadership Team sponsors events, and is responsible for reviewing the school budget and making recommendations to the administration.

Parents United Membership Volunteer: If you are a member of Parents United, assist in compiling and maintaining membership information.  Draft a Parents United newsletter to the school. Parents take the lead to plan Andersen events like the Pancake Breakfast, Family Celebration.
Parent Safety Patrol: Daily, weekly, morning, and afternoon shifts to help our students safely cross busy roads.
Community Fundraising Volunteer: 

Assist in various fundraising activities for Andersen United.

Volunteers are needed to contact area businesses, corporations, etc. to make donations and sponsor events throughout the year.
Volunteers are also needed to promote, collect, cut and count “Box Tops for Education” a few times a year.
Parents can also help raise money by volunteering at the Mall of America, these are monthly Saturday events.